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Copy and Paste My Exact Formula To Build 7-Figure Evergreen Funnels!

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NOTE: If you don’t apply this strategy, you could install TabEngage everywhere. But if 

new visitors stop coming to your site, what’s the point? Do you really want that?

Once again, congratulations on making the wise decision to get TabEngage.

I bet this one has been the EASIEST decision for you, right? 

I say that because I know that you care about making MORE sales for the effort you are already putting into this business!

Now you’ve likely built one or two funnels in your marketing journey. And maybe they’ve also generated a few sales here and there…but long term, they are collecting dust.

Does that happen to you?

Now, if you’re like us, you only care about one thing.

That ‘one thing’ is not LOTS of funnels or LOTS of traffic, but RESULTS.

You care about huge SALES and MONEY…and that’s what you want to get from your business, right?

It’s Time To Get Results, And Set Them On Repeat…

Introducing - TabEngage - Evergreen Funnels

Build offers that bring in the money

Build funnels that look classy and are highly functional,

Write emails that convert people through those funnels, and

Build in triggers that RAMP up your sales every day.

This is a 6-module course, with each video module lasting from 30 to 90 minutes.

Altogether, this is ALL the funnel building coaching you need to build REAL, EVERGREEN funnels.

And then you can POWER up these funnels with TabEngage and make 50% MORE sales.

Here’s exactly what we cover in each of the training modules:

1. Idea Validation – 

aka Offer Building

In this training, we’ll discuss how you can validate your business ideas even before you spend a single cent, or a single hour – building them! Plus – you will make money in your first week.

During this training, you’ll get:

Our top-secret offer building checklist which gives you INSTANT ability to map out your next offer. Following this, you can start selling immediately.

Our step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you fix a failing offer. With this, you can see quick RoI on your purchase today.

Our “octopus” method of building an offer which will show you different ways to position your product. Implement this, and you’ll never run out of ways to sell your products

QnA where I’ll go through YOUR offers and give you insights to improve your offer. If you ask the question, you may get a new offer right on the call.

2. Funnel Ramp – 

aka bulding your funnel

In this training, we’ll discuss what kind of funnel works in what situation – including cancelation funnel, hero funnel, and more! I’ll show you how to build these in RECORD time.

During this session, you’ll get:

My funnel building checklist which will help you build PERFECT funnels every time. Following this, you can re-check your old funnels to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

I’ll give you my Hero Funnel formula, which you can use to build trust with your audience. Build this, and you will soon have MORE people buying from you than ever before!

I’ll share my Cancellation Funnel formula, which you can use to save refunds. Anyone canceling or refunding from you will now be able to see your other offers - allowing you to make more money.

Copy my Survey Funnel, so that you can build a segmented list of customers. Doing this will help you avoid needless unsubscribes and make more money by addressing your customers’ problems.

3. Sales Positioning – 

aka Firewalking

Every niche and product is different. What works for one market may not necessarily work for yours. I show you how to cut through the BS and sell ANYTHING – and handle any objections even before they come up!

During this session, you’ll get:

My checklist to help you transform any message from one market to another, so that you can take the best campaigns from different markets and make them work for you. Using this, you'll be able to get to the sales process faster!

Training on how to create a list of objections, so you can tackle them one by one to overcome them. Do this, and you'll see anywhere between 50% and 200% increase in sales.

Our paint-by-numbers guide on building your customer journey, so you know what comes next. Do this, and you'll never run out of ideas to teach and sell.

QnA where I’ll go through YOUR worst campaigns and improve them to help you sell better. If you show up and share, I may fix that campaign that's been failing all along.

4. Evergreen Elements – 

aka Laying the Passive Groundwork

In this training, we go deeper into the evergreen funnel process and show you how you can build the right fundamentals for a passive funnel.

During this week, you’ll get:

Training on what to avoid when building out a passive funnel. Most people make the mistake of trying to make EVERYTHING changeable. I will show you how to change only 3 elements so that you can get to results faster and with less effort.

I'll give you my fill-in-the-blanks template to create variations of your pages to split-test over the long term. Do this, and you will be able to improve your funnel RoI without generating more traffic.

During the QnA session, I will look at your funnels and share what minor changes you need to make to 2x your RoI by making them passive.

5. Connecting the Dots

Pure action week, where I’ll show you – STEP-BY-STEP – how you can build evergreen systems into your funnels. In this hands-on session, and we’ll hold you accountable to take action and get results!

During this week, you’ll get:

This is the session you've been waiting for. I'll lift the veil behind our evergreen funnel technology and show you exactly how the pieces fall into place. Even though by now, you should have implemented this already, after this session, you'll discover hidden tricks with this technology that can help you scale up your business passively.

Follow along in our pre-built campaign to see how we have generated over $170,000+ in campaigns built with TimeOut. Copy our funnels and monetize them!

During QnA, I will look at some of the funnels you've set up. Bring them to the session so you can get instant help from our team.

6. Email Scarcity – 

aka TRUE Passive System

Email plays a BIG role in building a TRUE passive system. In this training, we’ll talk about how you can use ANY autoresponder system to build in some SERIOUS scarcity and automation.

During this week, you’ll get:

Training on how to optimize your emails to turn them passive. I'll take one of my best performing broadcast sequences and turn it into an autoresponder sequence live. Follow along so that you can do the same and build autoresponder sequences.

My best performing email template and the science behind it. Customize it as you want to write emails faster. Do this, and you'll be able to create cash-pulling emails instantly!

I'll show you how to introduce TimeOut based urgency into your emails, and at precisely what time. Following this - you'll have your emails and funnels talking to each other in perfect unison!

In the final QnA - we'll answer ALL your questions regarding building evergreen funnels. Make sure you attend this session - not something you should miss.

In the past, we have sold only SOME parts of this training for $197.

Altogether this is worth at least $497, if not more!

But today, since you are TabEngage buyers, we want to give you this training for a VERY LOW fee (I won’t mention the price, because the price WILL go up when this launch special closes!)

All this implementation training is yours for a VERY LOW one-time price.

So go ahead - click on the button below and get access to your 6-part Evergreen Funnels training.

As always, you are covered with our no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy or feel that the training doesn’t give you enough material to make more sales, we will refund you. 

This is Neil Napier, and along with Vipul Garg, I look forward to working with you!

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