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A Product By LetX and Kyvio Team

Vipul Garg

Neil Napier

Hey - Neil Napier here, and along with Vipul from LetX,

I want to address a growing problem head-on.

Your website is leaking traffic.

You probably already knew this, but you ignored it because - “it happens to every website.”

Correct - it does. Every website out there loses over 50% of the traffic they get.

But you don’t have to.

Let’s first address WHY it happens. Think about the last time you were browsing shopping sites online...

One Of These Things May Have Happened

Honestly - it happens to me too (though in my case, it’s usually my 9-month old experimenting with his vocal cords).

So what happens next? I lose focus, and I forget what I was doing…

But it’s not just me:

Any average user online has more than 5 tabs open at any given time. So there are 4 MORE tabs other than your website open in their browser right now.

Can you see how quickly they can get distracted?

Your Visitors Look Away, and You Lose Money!

Listen, I don’t mean to scare you. But this is true.

Both you and I are collateral damage to all the noise that confuses people of all ages.

This is affecting our business.

Luckily for me, I now have a solution.

But it wasn’t always like that.

2017 and 2018 were difficult years for me. After being a successful vendor, I struggled to sell, even though I was over-investing into traffic generation.

I had visitors coming in every day, but compared to 2016, my leads and income had gone down by 50%!

No business can survive like that.

So I sought the help of Vipul - who is a friend, and a technical mentor to me. 

His team had created a solution that fixed MOST of my lead and sales problems.

One Line of Code Recovered

Most Of My Traffic and Sales

After starting to use TabEngage in my own business, I noticed a BIG increase in attention, leads, and revenue. 

Now - the same website that was previously generating a low 2-figures a day was generating high 3-figure days.

Altogether, one line of code added an extra 5-figures a month to my revenue.

Check out how much traffic I am able to recover - OVER 80%!


TabEngage Brings Back Visitors To Your Site In 3 Simple Steps:

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Step 1

Create Campaign

Create a campaign using TabEngage. It takes less time than drinking a pop soda.

Step 2

Add The Pixel

Add TabEngage Pixel to your website

Step 3

Sit Back & Relax

Sit back and enjoy driving distracted visitors back to the website

TabEngage cuts down on the noise online - using a clever notification technology. This is the same technology used by the likes of Facebook™ and Intercom.

You can do customizable notifications that POP, and bring back the user straight to your optin page, sales page or any other page you own.

This is a tested concept and product which we’ve used in the past, resulting in sales numbers like these:

TagEngage Comes With These Profitable Features:

Custom Favicon Setting

With TabEngage, you can add your own custom favicon. People react better to visuals, so as soon as they see a DIFFERENT favicon flashing, they will be instantly attracted to it!

Facebook™ Style Notification Dot

We’ve done extensive research, and people are INSTANTLY attracted to the red dot. With TabEngage, you can show a red dot on your favicon, attracting 20% MORE visitors.

Add Unlimited Messages

TabEngage allows you to add multiple messages for a single campaign. Which means you can make your messages short, fun and engaging.

Customize Message Frequency

We totally understand if you don’t want to annoy your customers. So we give you FULL control of the message frequency, so you can show messages at any interval.

AutoPlay Sound and Overcome Browser Limitations

Recently, browsers have disallowed marketers from auto-playing videos on pages. TabEngage gives you the ability to play sound on pages to bring people back. It’s really cool.

Unlimited Campaigns

Depending on the license you get today, you can run unlimited campaigns. This will allow you to use TabEngage on as many domains as you want, and run as many campaigns as you need.

WordPress Plugin Included

We provide you your personal copy of TabEngage Wordpress plugin. So if you didn’t want to worry about adding a piece of code on your WP page, you can use your plugin.

Shopify Integration Included

This is really awesome...if you are an eCom seller, you can use TabEngage even on your Shopify stores. Just enter your shop name, authenticate your shop, and you are good to go!

Here's What Other Marketers And Users Think About TabEngage:

TabEngage is magical. I had an instant 43% jump in my returns from ads on my eCommerce store. I was surprised with the traffic percentage it recovered for me.

Pankaj Saxena

Founder, LPanache Group

TabEngage has made getting results so SIMPLE! I'm loving the app so far. The overall UI is just so WOW. Getting started is so easy indeed. 

Hardik Bhatia

Top eCommerce Player

If you have a website, this is a MUST for you! I just can't get over the fact that it is selling at such a cost effective price. I am already seeing the benefits of it. It's so much worth it. You rock, team LetX. 

Geet Sarna

Founder, Nutrafy (Top Nutrition Brand From India)

Unique, looks great and pulls attention. I am so sold. It's one of the easiest tools I have used till date. My first campaigns took me just a minute to create it. Two thumbs up for the team behind it. 

Vivek Gour

Co-founder, Moto Themes

This is the best marketing apparatus that literally plugs any websites' traffic leakage in seconds. I have never seen anything done with so details that it is bound to win. 

Amit Gaikwad

Softstrem Technologies

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Let's Do Some Math – TabEngage Can Add 50% More Revenue To Your Bottom Line...

I know, this is the boring part - but I will keep it simple.

Say you get 100 visitors to your site, and convert only 2 of those into a sale. Mostly because 50 - 70 people just “tabbed” away from your page and never came back.

What if out of these 50-70 people, you brought back 25?

What if out of those 25, another 2 purchased your product?

Or only 1?

That’s an EASY 50% increase in sales - with ONE line of code.

TabEngage does for your business which expensive copywriters, or “growth hackers” would after charging you $5k to $10k!

Watch Me Set Up TabEngage In Under 30 Seconds? So – Who Would benefit most from TabEngage?

Digital Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Growth Hackers


eCom Marketers

Local Businesses


And practically everyone who has a website online!


Because all of us can use some more traffic, more leads, and more sales!

So pick one of these 2 options for the TabEngage license.


Use on up to 10 sites

100 Campaigns

Unlimited notifications

Unlimited page views


Use on up to unlimited sites

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited notifications

Unlimited page views

Our Guarantee: 30-Day Refund + All Future Updates Included In Your Purchase

That’s right.

As browsers change and technology progresses, so will TabEngage.

And today, with your purchase, you unlock all future updates to TabEnage. As soon as we release a new feature, it will be instantly available inside. 

Other than that, I am very confident that you will love TabEnagage.

But if for any reason - during the next 30 days, you feel that TabEngage is not right for you, just let us know, and we'll give you a FULL refund. Even if it's on the 29th day, 23rd hour and 59th second - no strings attached!

And we don’t just stop there.

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Along With Your Purchase Today, You Can Also Unlock These 3 Bonuses

Only Available For The Duration of The Launch!

Bonus 1

Bonus Workshop – 1,000+ Leads With TabEngage and Gamification

As a welcome into our TabEngage family, we want to show you something POWERFUL. A method that's worked well for us to generate 1,000+ Leads with our funnels. This involves TabEngage, and a unique way of gamifying your customer engagement. Let us show you how to maximize your results with TabEngage.

Bonus 2


With TrafficDirect, now you can redirect these bouncing visitors to your desired URL’s - turning the lost traffic into a new profit channel. 

Now, whenever a visitor comes to your page, check out a little & hit the BACK button on the browser >>>> BANG! Your bank will fill in with just Profits.

How? Because the moment they click on the Back button, you can lead them to your Affiliate Offers, Sales Pages, CPA offers, Amazon Links, Optin Pages – literally anywhere you want. This is for 50% of your traffic that you’re losing today, each and every day.

Bonus 3

Traffic Tornado

In this detailed training, you will see strategies that will help you generate more traffic than you've ever done before! TabEngage brings back traffic to your website, but you still need to drive traffic in the first place, and this bonus shows you how. 

And the good part? 

Even if you decide to get a refund, you get to keep the bonuses we are offering here. We want to show our appreciation to the trust you put in us. So - get in, and when you do, we’ll make sure you keep the bonuses forever!

Though if TabEngage works as well for you, as it did for us… should see an increase in your traffic, leads, and sales.

This is Neil Napier, and along with Vipul Garg, I look forward to welcoming you into TabEngage.

Neil Napier

Vipul Garg

P.S: HEADS-UP: Listen, I know you wouldn't be here if you weren't serious building a business. But doing so requires MAXIMIZING the traffic you get, which is the goal of TabEngage.

Any traffic you lose will result in - fewer sales, fewer holidays, smaller staff, more stress, and what not. Don't be that marketer who tries to take all risks and go at it alone. TabEngage is a SAFE choice - it's proven to work...OVER and OVER again.

Get involved right now.

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

P.P.S: When I first told my friend what TabEngage did - he was impressed. But as soon as he saw the technology - he realized it was SO simple.

That's what this is - SIMPLE! If we had to complicate it, we could have made this WordPress only, or given you a script generator that you have to install and download on your server.

TabEngage is SIMPLE! Giving you an AMAZING control on all the traffic.

The more traffic you keep, the more sales you'll make. The bigger your business and bank account will be.

So - are you ready to make this move? This offer is valid for a SHORT TIME only (see the timer on this page).

Click on the button below and get TabEngage NOW!

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee


Q: Is TabEngage GDPR compliant?

Yes, TabEngage is GDPR compliant.

Q: Do I need to download anything?

Everything we provide is cloud-based, so you don’t need to download anything. 

Q: What if I don’t find the product suitable for my needs?

No worries, if you don’t find the product suitable, you are covered under our 30-day refund guarantee.

Q: Do you offer support if I need help?

Absolutely - we pride ourselves in supporting our customers, and if you need ANY help, you can reach out to us by clicking here.

Q: Does this work for Wordpress sites?

Yes - TabEngage works with self-hosted Wordpress sites (not, ClickFunnels, Kyvio and a lot of other tools in the market. If it doesn't - let us know and we can talk to the product creator.

Q: Are there any OTO/upsells?

Yes - we have a couple of upsells. But every feature we have shown you in TabEngage is available on this page. The upsells give you agency access and more.

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